Create Your Own Therapy or Coaching Website!

The Build-Your-Own Therapy Website Package

Includes lifetime licenses for ALL the essential premium plugins any new therapy website needs to succeed!

Pay Once, Keep FOREVER

What's Included?

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor's Price: $94 NZD/year ($940 over 10 years)

Astro Pro Website Theme

Astra's Price: $364 NZD/lifetime

Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons' Price: $313 NZD/ Lifetime

WP Funnels Sales Funnel Builder

WP Funnel's Price: $377 NZD/ Lifetime

Squirrly SEO Plugin

Squirrly's Price: $1,356 NZD/year ($13,560 over 10 years)

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS's Price: $477 NZD/ Lifetime

WP Amelia Booking Plugin

WP Amelia's Price: $323 NZD/ Lifetime


Templately's Price: $313 NZD/ Lifetime

SchedulePress Pro

SchedulePress Pro's Price: $499 NZD/ Lifetime's Price: $320 NZD/ Lifetime

EmbedPress Pro

EmbedPress Pro's Price: $468 NZD/ Lifetime

BetterDocs Pro

BetterDocs Pro's Price: $499 NZD/ Lifetime

Grab everything you need for your website build for only $1,000!

That's right! Only $1,000 NZD gets you over $18,000+ worth of licenses for your website.

That's over 95% OFF!!!!

Never pay monthly or yearly licensing fees AGAIN!


What Does All This Mean?

I'm new to building websites and unsure if this is the deal for me.

With the premium plugins listed below, you’ll be able to make yourself a professional-looking, feature-rich website that will attract your ideal audience. All plugins can be used on the WordPress platform – the world’s largest hosting provider of websites. The only thing missing is your domain name and hosting!


Sell an online course, create a membership-based subscription website, book clients through your website, create digital products and sell via your own store, host eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, PDFs and so much more!


We’ve worked with many different combinations of plugins over our years in development, but none have made making a coaching or therapy website easier than these premium plugins.

Pay once, use FOREVER

More Info on the Included Plugins

Elementor Page Builder

For those of us who are not natural web coders, Elementor has made it easy to build our own websites using their drag and drop page builder. User friendly, feature-rich, and used by hundreds of thousands, Elementor has changed the game of web design and made it accessible to all.


You can see more information about the Elementor Page Builder here.


License price via Elementor for 1 website: $94 NZD/ year – no lifetime license available

Squirrly SEO Plugin

You should not spend money, time, or energy on building a website if you’re not planning to do search engine optimisation (SEO) for Google ranking.


Squirrly SEO is a plugin for WordPress that helps you create SEO friendly text for your website that ranks. With multiple factors considered, Squirrly SEO gives you a well-rounded approach to SEO that works.


You can see more information about Squirrly SEO here.


License price via Squirrly SEO for 1 website: $113 NZD/ month – no lifetime license available

Essential Addons for Elementor

This plugin is an extremely versatile, feature-rich tool that allows you to customise your website with almost every feature you can think of! This is a must-have plugin for anyone building a website with Elementor.


You can see more information about the Essential Addons plugin here.


License price via Essential Addons for 1 website: $313 for a lifetime license

EmbedPress Pro

EmbedPress Pro allows users to upload and embed YouTube videos, podcasts, and PDFs onto your website. This versatile tool is a MUST for any therapist/ coach wanting to share resources with their clients.


You can see more information about the EmbedPress Pro plugin here.


License price via EmbedPress Pro for 1 website: $468 for a lifetime license

WP Amelia Booking Plugin

This powerful, feature-rich plugin allows clients to book appointments with you online, pay for services ahead of time, book discovery calls, remind them of their appointment, add the event to your Calendar app, and so so much more!


Easy to install, set up, and maintain, this plugin is a no-brainer for those serious about setting up their website.


You can see more information about the WP Amelia Booking Plugin here.


License price via WP Amelia for 1 website: $317 NZD for a lifetime license

Tutor LMS

This plugin is responsible for creating memberships on your website. It connects with WooCommerce to allow you flexibility in payment platforms.


Tutor LMS is a highly versatile tool that lets you set up courses like Udemy or Coursera, sell memberships, offer coupons, create personalised certificates, and so much more.


You can see more information about the Tutor LMS plugin here.


License price via Tutor LMS for 1 website: $477 for a lifetime license

SchedulePress Pro

Cut down on your social media marketing time and energy with this handy scheduling plugin. The SchedulePress Pro plugin pushes your new website content out to the social media channels of your choice, reducing time, energy, and labour.


You can see more information about the SchedulePress Pro plugin here.


License price via SchedulePress Pro for 1 website: $499 for a lifetime license

BetterDocs Pro

BetterDocs Pro allows you to create a clean, sleek-looking information section with minimal design effort. 


You can see more information about the BetterDocs plugin here.


License price via BetterDocs Pro for 1 website: $499 for a lifetime license

WP Funnels

Any savvy business person will tell you that you cannot continue to trade time for money indefinitely as you will run out of time before you run out of the need for money.


Passive income opportunities such as podcasts, courses, webinars, and digital downloads are all basic ways therapists make passive income. 


Design a course, use a sales funnel to promote your course, and market using SEO and social media until you have the trust of the audience. 


WP Funnels provides WordPress users an easy way to create these sales funnels that allow you sell your hard work and get paid while you sleep.


You can see more information about WP Funnels here.


License price via WP Funnels for 1 website: $377 NZD for a lifetime license

Astra Pro Website Theme

This incredibly customisable website theme is perfect for building any and all websites, let alone therapy websites. It’s intuitive and comes with lots of options to make your website just the way you want it.


You can see more information about the Astra Pro Website Theme here.


License price via Astra Pro for 1 website: $364 NZD for a lifetime license


Templately is a plugin built for Elementor that provides you with thousands of templates to choose from when designing your website.


All templates are fully customisable so you can have full control over the look and feel of your site.


You can see more information about the Templately plugin here.


License price via Templately for 1 website: $313 for a lifetime license is essential for any website. With over 140 features, the only limit to what this plugin can do is your imagination.


Choose options around section visibility, create PDFs right from your website, add your Google Calendar, show customer favourites and so much more.


You can see more information about the plugin here.


License price via for 1 website: $320 for a lifetime license

With 95% OFF, You'd be crazy NOT to buy!

That's just over $83 PER PLUGIN!

Do it yourself or get a web developer to do it for you - either way, you're savings TENS of THOUSANDS over the course of 10 years!

Frequently Asked Questions:

That’s right! All licenses come with guaranteed lifetime licenses except Elementor and Squirrly SEO. As noted above, Elementor and Squirrly do not have a lifetime licenses and because we buy yearly licenses from them, these are the only licenses that we continually pay for. The only reason this license would/could expire, would be if we were to go out of business.


With our strong sales record and anticipated growth over the next 5 years, we do not see this happening anytime soon and have taken measures to prepay Elementor and Squirrly SEO for several years to come. 

Directly from the developers. As a company whose sister company, Our Office Online, builds websites, it was bound to happen that we would have extra licenses that we could sell at wholesale prices. As such, we only have a limited number of these bundles to offer. Once they are gone, they’re gone.

As developers, it is more cost-effective for us to purchase higher plans to help with the growth of the business overall while keeping individual costs down. These licenses are not needed at this time and we wanted tech savvy new business owners to have a way of keeping ongoing costs down without having to pay an expensive tech company to build your website.


Again, all our licenses come directly from the developers. We never touch them in any way. You will receive continuing updates directly from the developer. These are 100% authentic licenses.

The perfect candidate for this bundle is someone with a bit of WordPress knowledge or has a web developer on staff with WordPress experience. While we don’t feel the configuration of these plugins is hard, others may disagree.  

Sure is! ACFB Lifetime Members automatically get 20% off this bundle. Contact Ashley directly at: [email protected] for more information or to buy.

Sure is! Those who have already purchased services totaling more than $500 automatically get 20% off this bundle. Contact Ashley directly at: [email protected] for more information or to buy.

You will receive an email with instructions for how to download and then activate on your website. Each license will be tied to a domain. If another person tries using a license without payment, we will deactivate their domain’s license. 


There may be a situation in which you will need login information to complete the setup of these plugins. Please email Joe at: [email protected] for more specific instructions for these plugins.

We offer basic installation services which include getting the plugin activated on your website and a basic starting setup. For this, we charge $250 NZD. This does NOT include the creation of any web pages. 

If you are looking to have your entire website created using these lifetime licenses, you can get a 20% discount on website builds from Our Office Online.


*Package must be purchased prior to the website build to receive your 20% discount. Discount ONLY applicable on website design/development and cannot be used for any other services.

Sure is!


Buy 3-5 bundles and get 25% off each (Price: $750 each).


Buy 6 or more and get 40% off (Minimum Spend: $3,600 or $600 each)


Email Ashley at: [email protected] for more information or to purchase.

Yes! That is the intention of this bundle! This is a great bundle for coaches, therapists, authors, and any other business looking to start a membership type website.

Passive income should always be on the mind as a new business owner. Sales funnels help you to create a targeted marketing channel (like this one!) to highlight a product or service you offer. Use WP Funnels to collect email addresses, do giveaways, sell items/products/ services, and much more.

Sales funnel creation is NOT included in the basic setup package as these are full webpages. We will only install the plugin so that it is ready for yourself or developer to manage.

Cost for the Creation of Sales Funnels:
– Standard – 1 page, checkout, and thank you – $200 NZD
– Enhanced – Main page, 1 upsell, 1 down sell, checkout, and thank you – $500 NZD (Additional pages at $100 NZD each)

We have 2 offers for website hosting. Each plan includes prepaid website hosting for 10 years. Our Office Online has its own dedicated cloud server which means super fast speeds for your website and little downtime. Most website plans you’ll see online are for shared servers. This poses problems as the company grows and slows down the server. That’s where our dedicated server becomes key – we are the ones monitoring our website traffic, storage, and speed. Once we see a dip in performance, we use the money generated from web hosting to put into purchasing another server, thus freeing up space and keeping speeds consistent.


Small Website – includes up to 5GB of cloud storage for your website: $500 NZD ($50/ year)

Large Website – for those who host products and/or courses on their website – includes 40GB of cloud-based storage: $800 NZD ($80/ year)options to increase the storage are available upon request


*This offer will be presented in the next screen after this bundle and will require the purchase of this bundle for the offer to be valid.

I’m sorry, these licenses are only currently available as a package. You may inquire about individual licenses by emailing: [email protected]

Sure is! Contact Joe for more information about our 3 and 5 payment plans: [email protected]


*Please note a 5% admin fee will be added to your order.

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